NYC Mailman Caught Delivering Kilos of Cocaine While on The Clock

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Look at this mailman trying to be Pablo Escobar.

A Brooklyn mailman was caught making quite some special deliveries, yes, kilos of cocaine all while being on the clock. Well, that’s one way to get extra money.

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Videos by Rare

35-year-old Zarward Lewis was charged with drug distribution in Brooklyn Federal Court after the US Postal Service Office of Inspector General stated he delivered at least three packages of cocaine to addresses all across Brooklyn back in December.

The Pro began after authorities had searched a package that originated from the Caribbean Destin from Bedford-Stuyvesant finding that it contained around 2 kilos of cocaine, according to special agent Kyle Knieste. 

Zarward Lewis 

 The package, which had a street value of around $60,000,  according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, was just one of the three parcels that investigators had tracked down which came from the same sender. They had delivery addresses from Bed-Stuy, and Lewis delivered the other two packages while working along his route.

Authorities said that every time Lewis dropped off one of the parcels, he received $500 electronic payments from a woman named Evangeline Nery. When conducting surveillance on Lewis they witnessed him making another alleged cocaine drop from his mail truck at Atlantic Terminal mall in Fort Greene on January 26th.  Their investigators watched Nery give Lewis an empty plastic bag before he went into the mall.

 Several moments later, Nery came out of the shopping center and retrieved the bag from Lewis’s truck although this time the bag seemed to have a large brick-like object inside it. Investigators later found a kilogram of cocaine inside the bag and then searched Nery’s cell phone, where they found several messages with pictures, poster receipts, and packages like the one that Louis had been delivering.

Lewis was quickly arrested and allegedly went on to admit to agents that he delivered the cocaine to Nery for $500 per package.  He was released the day after his arrest on a $100,000 bond and Nery was released on a $50,000 bond.

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