Oklahoma Man Who Got Early Release Commits Triple Homicide, Cuts Out Woman’s Heart

Grady County Sheriff's Office

An Oklahoma man who was granted early release from prison as of a mass commutation effort has been sentenced to life after pleading guilty to three murders — all committed following his release.

Lawrence Paul Anderson, 44, pleaded guilty in Grady County District Court to three counts of murder and single counts of assault and battery, as well as maiming.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

One of his victims, Andrea Lynn Blankenship, 41, had her heart removed after Anderson broke into her house and admittedly stabbed her multiple times.

Anderson then reportedly took the heart to his aunt and uncle’s home, cooked it, and tried to serve it to his uncle. He then shot and killed his uncle, Leon Pye, 67, and Pye’s 4-year-old granddaughter, Kaeos Yates, and wounded his aunt, Delsie Pye, 66, authorities said.

Lawrence Paul Anderson

Lawrence Paul Anderson. (Grady County Sheriff’s Office)

Anderson was released from prison less than a month before the attacks. At that time, his 20-year prison sentence for drug-related crimes was commuted by Gov. Kevin Stitt.

The governor has not commented on this case.

Delsie Pye and the families of the other victims are suing Stitt, as well as the Pardon and Parole Board that recommended Anderson be released. The lawsuit contends all parties involved with Anderson’s commuted sentence committed federal civil rights violations.

Per Fox News: “Tasha Yates, the mother of Kaeos Yates, cursed Anderson before rushing out of the courtroom. ‘Who kills a baby … who does that?’ Yates yelled.”

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  1. I read this story a few days back. Now that I see how dark this guy is, the crime makes more sense!
    I’m guessing the relatives he killed are of his tribe but the woman across the street, she represented a white meat dish! I totally get that!
    When I was a kid, about 10 years old, I exclusively went for portions of white meat from the Thanksgiving turkey! I still can see the scar on my left hand index finger from my dad whacking me with the carving knife! He was mad that I didn’t like the darky meat!

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