Oregon Manhunt Ends in Shootout: Wanted Torturer Kills 2, Then Self


An Oregon man who was suspected of kidnapping a woman last week and later killing two men while hiding from police died on Tuesday evening after shooting himself during a standoff with police officers.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims … and everyone impacted by these events,” stated Grants Pass Police Chief Warren Hensman.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The week’s long manhunt reportedly started after 7:00 p.m. on January 24th when Grants Pass police officers had discovered a female victim who had been “bound and severely beaten into unconsciousness,” according to a press release. Officials quickly began searching for 36-year-old Benjamin Foster, who was then described as armed and dangerous. The following day, they were to acquire an arrest warrant for attempted murder, kidnapping, and assault. 

The woman, who is still unidentified, is in critical but stable condition. During a press conference on Wednesday, she was described as being in a “former domestic relationship” with the suspect. By Thursday morning, police had received a tip that Foster was at the residence, but after an initial stand-up with officials, he was able to evade police. Hensman revealed that they immediately established a task force and quickly released a tip line.

Benjamin Foster Dies By Suicide

At the time, police had informed the public that Foster was using several dating apps in order to “contact and suspect individuals who may be lured into assisting the suspect escape or potentially as additional victims.”

But, according to Hensman, “Foster was not actively recruiting,” but still needed to share with the public that there was potential. On Monday, after receiving a tip, several investigators began going door to door in Sunny Valley about 20 miles north of Grants Pass to conduct a welfare check. “Through an open window, we observed a scene of a crime,” stated Capt. Kyle Kennedy from Oregon State Police. “It’s a brutal scene.”

Donald Griffith and Richard Barron Jr., who are roommates, were found to be deceased inside their home. Officials said that they died from blunt force trauma. During the investigation, police determined that Foster was responsible for their death and quickly took items from their home, including a dog. A taxi driver who had picked up Foster at 7:10 a.m. on Tuesday and dropped him off at the Grants  Pass residents had called the police and alerted them. Investigators were able to track him down at the residence where he was hiding underneath his home. 

“At the end, Foster took his own life with a single shot from a .45-caliber weapon,” Hensman stated. “The community is safe.”

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