Parents Arrested After 10-Year-Old Son Runs Away to Beg for Food Due to Starvation

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Parents Tyler and Krista Schindley of Georgia were arrested after their emaciated son was found walking aimlessly around his neighborhood desperately seeking a grocery store. The boy was reportedly going to beg strangers for food because of how hungry he was. Tyler and Krista are being charged with child abuse and negligence.

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The 10-year-old boy was starved by his parents and only weighed 36 pounds. At a press conference this past Tuesday, Griffin District Attorney Marie Broder said “This child was, simply put, being starved to death, and it is tragic. I truly believe that if he had not gotten out of that home, this would be a very different case.” When the boy was found by police last Friday, he pleaded with them to “please not make him go back.”

Starving Boy’s Parents Arrested for Child Abuse

The devious parents locked the boy in his bedroom in their large home and deprived him of food, hot water, views of the outside, toilet paper, and human interaction. The boy was also allegedly physically abused by his parents on many occasions. Court documents stated that the 10-year-old was left on his own in the home for “extended periods of time, and on multiple occasions, with no access to lights, food, clothing or adult interaction and/or assistance.” 

The boy is currently being treated for several serious health issues, including malnutrition and low heart rate. Due to a lack of daily nutrition, the boy had “dental injury and disfiguration.” It seems like the boy was suffering from this ailment for a long while, and his parents neglected to do anything to treat it. The boy was eventually able to escape from the home and search for help. Broder added, “This case is just disturbing. It’s heartbreaking.”

Tyler and Krista are currently facing several serious charges including criminal attempts to commit a felony, false imprisonment, two battery counts, and three counts of cruelty to children. It was reported that the starved boy was not the only child living in the Schindley home, but all of the children have since been placed in the custody of the state.

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  1. This is so sad. They will need Lot of therapy.
    I hope they can see each other at some point. The parents must have serious mental issues. They are insane. Was it drugs booze or a total lack of giv a crap??
    Bless the kids lord

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