Police Arrest Subway Surfing Teenager Amid Social Media Trend

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A 17-year-old was arrested by the police in New York City for subway surfing, which is a dangerous activity that involves riding on the exterior of subway cars. This comes after the tragic death of a 15-year-old who died while subway surfing. The NYPD spokesperson stated that the teenager was found clinging to the back of a 7 train at Queensboro Plaza subway station.

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The identity of the teenager hasn’t been revealed but has been charged with a misdemeanor. The police have released him into the custody of his parents.

According to NewsNation Now, Janno Lieber, the CEO of the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), announced that the NYPD will deploy police officers at subway stations in order to arrest teenagers that are tempted to participate in the surfing trend, which has gained popularity on social media.

“They haven’t charged every one, but they apprehend the kids who are doing this, and they get in touch with the parents,” Lieber said. “They are doing what they can.” 

After the tragic incident on Monday, where 15-year-old Zachary Nazario fell to his death while subway surfing on the J Train while crossing the Williamsburg Bridge, there has been an increase in awareness regarding this viral trend. Nazario was standing on top of the train when he hit his head and fell, leading to his death.

The New York Post obtained a statement from Richard Davey, the President of NYC Transit, where he warned about the hazards of subway surfing.”We cannot stress enough how dangerous it is to ride on the outside of trains,” Davey stated. “Our hearts go out to loved ones at yet another tragic time. We implore other families to speak with their children on the real dangers of what can seem like a thrill but is too often deadly.”

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