Suspect Leaps From Stolen Police Cruiser During High-Speed Chase, Requires CPR

In California, it seems, criminals have no fear.

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Take the guy who stole a police cruiser, then led other police cruisers on a high speed chase. And imagine seeing that coming on the interstate — a police car being chased by the police.

Anyway, this particular suspect did more than just weave in and out of lanes while surpassing speeds of 100 mph.

He decided he got tired of driving. So he jumped out of the cruiser — while it was still on the move.

Not surprisingly, it didn’t work out. As a video of the incident revealed, he hit his head and was knocked unconscious. We presume he was in a jail cell when he came to.

That is, assuming he did come back around. There’s been no update as of yet, and police had to perform CPR after cuffing the man. That’s never a good sign.

What prompted this individual to steal a cruiser, we don’t know. Why he thought he could make a quick getaway by opening the door and stepping out while it was still moving … well, we really don’t know.

The car rolled forward and crashed into a telephone pole after the suspect made his leap of misfortune. But it’s safe to say the cruiser definitely got the better end of the deal.

It’s also safe to say that this was a case of a criminal traveling at breakneck speed. With the emphasis, of course, on the neck part of that sentence.

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