Teenager and Two Boys Shot to Death in ‘Targeted Incident’ In Pennsylvania


On Tuesday night, three young people tragically lost their lives in an incident outside a home in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. The authorities believe that the shooting was a deliberate act. The victims were two boys and one teenager.

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Incident Details

The police identified three victims: Jesus Perez-Salome (8), Sebastian Perez-Salome (9) and Joshua Lugo-Perez (19).

Luis Cancel, aged 33, was injured in the shooting. Police reported that the three children who died lived in the same home, while Cancel was hit by a stray bullet. Lugo-Perez was not related to the boys.

Jesus and Sebastian were busy playing outside with their kitten when they were shot.

The Lebanon Police Chief, Bret Fisher, stated that due to a prior disagreement, the intended target was Lugo-Perez, according to the news source.

On Tuesday night, the police received a report of a shooting. Chief Fisher said on Thursday that two guns thought to be used in the incident were found. When the police searched a building, two suspects attempted to escape. One was apprehended right away, while the other was arrested after a three-hour search.

Alex Torres Santos, aged 22, and a 16-year-old male suspect have been charged with three counts of criminal homicide, as well as aggravated assault, conspiracy and weapons-related offenses, in connection with a triple murder. A third suspect is still at large.

Additional Investigations

“As a mom, I cannot overstate how heartbroken I am for the families,” Lebanon Mayor Sherry Capello shared in a press conference on Wednesday. “I cannot imagine what these families are going through, right now. It is unimaginable.”

“I am heartbroken for our community,” she added.

The Lebanon County, Pa. District Attorney, Pier Hess Graf, stated that her office is still determining whether or not they will seek the death penalty for the crimes. “That decision is not a quick decision, and it is not one we take lightly,” she said.

The investigation into the murders is still ongoing.

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