Texas Police Employee Suspended for Allegedly Sexting Seven Co-Workers While Married


In San Antonio, Texas, 38-year-old Krystle Perez was placed on leave without pay after she was caught engaging in steamy texts with seven of her fellow officers. The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office was alerted of the scandal after Perez’s husband, Giancarlo Perez, discovered the sexts.

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Perez was reportedly having affairs with two of the seven officers she was engaging in sexts with. Sgt. Renaldo Salinas and Deputy Juan Leal have also been suspended. All three are in danger of losing their jobs altogether over the scandal.

San Antonio Police Dispatcher Involved in Sext Scandal

Giancarlo spoke to KABB about his betrayal, saying, “She was the love of my life and it was very distraught, heartbreaking, I was in disbelief. They use emojis to reference body parts, they talk about kissing, making out and these sexual connections.” Mr. Perez also provided KABB with the texts found on his wife’s phone, which were very graphic, to say the least.

In the racy texts, Salinas wrote to Perez, “I feel so hott and sexy when im in you [sic]…,” to which she replied, “I can feel it — all of it — and I love it.” Leal’s sexts with the police dispatcher have also been exposed, with the deputy texting “I can’t wait for us to be naked and us caressing each other and then kissing each other ALL OVER!!!!” To this, Perez just replied, “F–k yes!” 

Sheriff Javier Salazar told KABB, “Their conduct apparently according to the investigation was found to be egregious enough to where we would issue those proposed terminations.” Officials suspect that Perez’s affairs partially occurred while the culprits were on duty.

Other officers involved in the situation have also been suspended, including Deputy Jason Jarvis. Jarvis’ wife, Jessica Jarvis, who is currently divorcing her husband, also spoke to KABB, saying, “These are people that are supposed to be protecting us, serving and making sure the community is safe and instead they’re busy setting up affairs, they’re busy setting up appointments to basically have sexual relations.”

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