Texas Teenager Says He Killed His Parents and Two Siblings Because They Were ‘Cannibals’


A Texas teenager has been arrested and charged with murder after police say he killed his parents and two siblings because he believed they were “cannibals” who intended to eat him.

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Cesar Olalde, 18, has been charged with capital murder for the shooting deaths of parents Reuben Olalde and Aida Garcia, as well as sister Lisbet Olalde and brother Oliver Olalde, police said.

The tragedy occurred in the small town of Nash, Texas, near the Arkansas border. Police embarked on the home after receiving a report that a man inside had harmed his family.

Cesar Olalde Arrested

Once they arrived, NBC News reported they became involved in a standoff with a man who had barricaded himself in his home and had threatened to kill himself. Police were also told that multiple people inside the house were dead.

Eventually, Olalde surrendered and police were able to enter the home without incident, per multiple reports. Olalde told police “he had pulled the trigger, and shot his family,” according to a probable cause affidavit by Nash Police Officer Craig Buster, via the Associated Press.

The affidavit said that a co-worker of Lisbet Olalde had gone to the woman after she had failed to show up for work. When no one answered, the co-worker and his family member forced their way inside the home, with a family member, where the co-worker was confronted by Cesar Olalde, who pointed a gun at him, per the AP.

It was the co-worker who told police that Olalde said “he had killed his family because they were cannibals, and they were going to eat him,” the arresting affidavit states.

Bowie County court records revealed that Olalde was ordered held on a $10 million bond. 

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