Woman Takes Cover From Drive-By Shooting While Being Interviewed on Live TV

ABC 24

A woman who was on television to talk about crime almost became a victim herself — while on TV to address the matter.

Thankfully, the woman was OK. She only went by the name Yolanda and had to duck for cover when discussing how to reduce crime in a Memphis city park on ABC24.

As she spelled out her name for the camera crew while being taped, no less than a dozen gunshots erupted nearby. Yolanda quickly dropped to the ground.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

“Get down, get down, get down,” she said in a calming voice to the TV crew. “Just stay down and get down.”

A few seconds later, all was quiet.

Yolanda Ducks and Covers!

“It’s OK. Thank you, Lord Jesus,” she said. “Just stay down and get down.”

After that, Yolanda tried to comfort a rattled reporter.

“It’s OK, James. Thank you Lord for the blood of Jesus that covers us,’ she said. “Thank you Father for the blood of Jesus.”

ABC24 anchor Richard Ransom later addressed the near-tragedy on the air.

“When the gunfire rang out, the interviewee ducked out of frame, telling the news crew to ‘just stay down and get down’ while praying,” he said, adding the shots were aimed at a nearby housing complex and not anyone in the park.

“No one was hurt and police responded right away, although as far as we know, no one has been arrested.”

Still, as Ransom pointed out that this all happened in broad daylight.

“Doing an interview, in a park, at 11 am, should not be dangerous,” he said.

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