Suzanne Mendonca, a contestant from season two of “The Biggest Loser,” is reportedly threatening to sue the weight loss reality show.

TMZ caught up with Mendonca and she hashed out some horrific allegations over exactly what went on behind-the-scenes.

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Mendonca claims that in the years after the show, she has gained back about 150 pounds.

“While they were doing production, they actually dehydrated us. They told us not to drink water for 48 hours before weigh-in. We would only eat 800 calories a day, and we’d actually workout 8 hours a day. And if you were me, I vomited every single day,” she said. “It was exhausting and terrible practices going on at ‘The Biggest Loser.'”

THE BIGGEST LOSER -- "Season Finale" Episode 12 -- Pictured: Suzanne Mendonca (Photo by Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)
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Mendonca places all of the blame on “The Biggest Loser,” citing a research study that shows the massive weight loss is almost impossible for a person to maintain because it ruins their metabolism.

As far as legal action, Mendonca said she is filing a civil class action lawsuit against the show.

“They took no responsibility for what they have done to us,” she said. “They need to be held responsible.”

As far as takeaways from the show, Mendonca had one thing to say.

“How about the biggest mistake of my life?” she said. “I wish I never went on it.”

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