America’s Got Talent aired at 8 p.m. tonight — Tuesday August 2. 2017 — with the second of the live shows. Twelve acts shared their talent before judges Mel B., Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell, with host Tyra Banks there are well.  The results show is Wednesday, but tonight, it was all about the performers. Twelve, and on Wednesday, only seven will move on.

What a weird show. First, there were technical problems, showing the thrill — and problems — with live TV.Light Balance, the dance act, couldn’t perform live because of technical difficulties, and Demain Aditya, the escape artist, had his act ruined by technical difficulties.

Then, Simon made on off-color joke about Mel B.’s wedding night (why?) and she proceeded to throw her drink at him, on live TV. Awkward.

Wrapped around that, Johnny Manuel gave another diva-like performance by singing a song made famous by a diva; Merrick Hannah, just 12, continued to wow with another incredible interpretive dance; but, 9-year-old Celine Tam, the little singer with the gigantic voice, had a so-so performance.

Bizarre. But, I guess that’s live TV. Here’s the recap:

 America’s Got Talent, Season 12, Episode 15, Live Show 2

1. Brobots and Mandaroids, dance group

The troupe may be the best dance act left. Two of their members had to leave the auditions early because their parents wanted them to concentrate on school, the story goes. So the remaining members put on an awesome dance performance that brought the crowd to its feet during the taped auditions. The live audition was equally as thrilling for everyone except Howie, who said he didn’t get a “wow.”

2. Celine Tam, singer

Who can vote against cute as a button little 9-year-old girl with the face of an angel?  So far, she’s wowed with performances of  “My Heart Will Go On” and then, How Am I Supposed to Live Without You. Tonight it was When You Believe, and while it was good, Mel B. said the song was too big for her. Tough crowd. But the other judges came to her defense, reminding everyone that she is only 9-years-old.

3. Mirror Image, singers

Trent and Colton are mirror twins, hence the name of their act, Mirror Image.  They’ve had a tough time with Simon through the competition, who has never warmed to their cutie-awkwardness.  We’ve seen them sing Who’s Loving You, which came with  wild dance that seemed to lose Simon a bit.  And the same thing happened Tuesday night, when Simon pressed the dreaded red X again. And anytime an act gets an ‘X,’ that tends to spell doom. We’ll see.

4. Johnny Manuel, singer

He’s the singer who. was signed to a record deal  at age 14, and was produced by some of the biggest names in the business. By 17, he was dropped and it’s taken him this long to try to get back to the big time. He did Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing  and then got a Golden Buzzer from Seal when singing Lately. So this time, he went for And I’m Telling You, — the Dreamgirls classic sung by Jennifer Hudson — and gave a goosebumps-worthy performance. Standing ovation by the judges and it was well deserved. “Johnny is such a diva,” Simon said. “This is what you do so well.” When he’s on, he’s probably the best singer left in the competition.

5. Merrick Hanna, interpretive dance

Merrick Hanna, the  tremendous 12-year-old, tells stories through  dance. First, he was a broken, floppy robot through dance. His second interpretive dance had the crowd cheering early on.  For the live show, he did a dance about a boy without a family. Mel B. called him “mesmerizing;” Simon has been a supporter from the start and said, “You’ve got originality.”

6. Eric Jones, Magician

Simon wasn’t too impressed with Eric Jones the first time he did his act. But since then  Jones has done nothing but blow people away. In his last audition, he smashed a buzzer and displayed a card with Howie’s signature. This time, he was able to walk though solid glass, and Simon still wasn’t that impressed. Maybe Jones has to make the entire theater disappear.

7. The Masqueraders, singing group

The singing group is made up of three friends who have known each other since high school, Now, 50 years later, they’re in their 70s, and still chasing the dream. During the audition round, they belted out the Sam Cooke classic, “A Change is Gonna Come,” they got four yeses so they could continue their dream because, they never  stopped dreaming. So during judge cuts, they did Bring it on Home to Me in the same tight harmonies and power as they did during the auditions. For the live show, they sang an original song — I’m just an average guy — that was written in 1969 but never released — until tonight.

8. Light Balance, dance act

his was the first of two problem performances. Technical difficulties meant the group couldn’t perform their light act. Luckily, AGT had the dress rehearsal, showed that, and it was killer good. Howie said it was his favorite performance of the night. Remember, they came here for a better life in America, and if they win, they want to being their families over from the Ukraine. So here they were, about a dozen guys who look nothing like dancers, kicking it, at the start.

9. Evie Claire, singer

Evie Claire is synonymous with tear jerker. The first time we saw the The 13-year-old singer, she was signing for her dad, who is battling stage four colon cancer, and when she sings, she sings for him. ” She sang “Arms” because, she said, when her dad is having tough days, that’s the song she sings to help him feel better. Then it was “I Try,” by Macy Grey, and it was, once again, killer.She sings with such emotion for someone so young. So on the live show,  she sang Wings and played the piano to her dad, and the judges gave her a standing ovation. “You make my speechless,” Howie said. Mel B. said: “You’re like a singing angel.”

10. Demain Aditya, escape artist

This guy is nuts. Or, maybe, just really daring. He’s buried himself alive, chained and cuffed, with only his wife’s hair pin to escape. This time, he nailed himself on a box, handcuffed, from in the air, and had to escape before a blow torch frayed a rope and forced the box to crash on flaming spikes. But there was a technical problem that ruined the act.

11. The Pompeyo Family

The Pompeyo family — mom Natalia, daughter Katerina and husband/dad George —  love their dogs. All 18 of them. The family has a dream of having its own Las Vegas show, and they don’t seem that far off, with a dog that can do a handstand, balance on someone’s hand, or walk on their front legs. The dogs also jumped rope, jumped through a hula hoop — all sorts of stuff.

12. Mandy Harvey, singer

Mandy lost all of her hearing when she was 18, and now, she’s 29. She got sick and the nerves in her ears deteriorated, and she finally went deaf. But that didn’t stop her from pursuing her music dreams — she’d been singing since she was 4-years-old. Now, she feels the music through vibration, and she sang an original song called, “Try,” a homage to her desire to perform the music she loves so much. It was a beautiful, heart-stopping moment. Forget about the song, which she should release on iTunes tomorrow; her grit showed America what you can accomplish if you try. She got a Golden Buzzer for that performance.  She performed an original song that was soft, understated, and remarkably beautiful. “That was stunning,” an emotional (!) Simon said. There are so many good acts left on the show, but she is certainly a strong contender to win it all.

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