Ellen DeGeneres has won so many People’s Choice Awards there was barely room on stage for all of them Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Make no mistake, the people love Ellen DeGeneres. If that wasn’t already abundantly clear by the comedian and talk-show host’s incredible success over the years, let Wednesday night’s People’s Choice Awards speak loud and clear.

DeGeneres swept three categories to bring her grand total to an amazing, record-breaking 20 People’s Choice Awards. Her good friend Justin Timberlake did the honors of presenting DeGeneres with her hardware.

“Tonight her People’s Choice Award total hits 20? I don’t know how that’s possible. Let’s bring them all out.”

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Then 20 men dressed in tuxedos and wearing white gloves entered the stage, each one holding one of DeGeneres’ awards. She reached her astronomical total Wednesday with her wins as Favorite Daytime TV Host for her show “Ellen,” Favorite Animated Movie Voice for “Finding Dory,” and Favorite Comedic Collaboration.

“That was subtle. Did you request that?” Timberlake joked to a smiling DeGeneres as she watched from her seat. “She’s the most decorated winner in People’s Choice history, she is one of my very good friends, I love her so much, she is one of the best people on this planet and no one is more deserving, the one and only, Ellen DeGeneres.”

DeGeneres, 58, then made her way onto the stage to a huge ovation. Once the cheers stopped she said she made it there at last second fighting freeway traffic, and then joked about how she forgets how much she loves mashed potatoes.


Then she got to thanking the people.

“Seventeen, I get it; 18, sure; 19, I can see that. But 20 is outrageous,” she told the crowd.

“I say thank you, people. And the only thing that would make me happier — and not, not a lot happier because this makes me happy — but if it was voted on by animals because I love animals, and I think they know how much I love them. But animals aren’t organized enough to have an awards ceremony. At least I have not seen one.”

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She continued on her silly ramble: “And they have paws so it would hit a lot of numbers and it wouldn’t be able to dictate the person that they would be hoping to vote for.”


She then noted that snakes have no paws, monkeys have fingers and little thumbs — so they could probably vote and “probably would have voted for me” because they are intelligent — and that dolphins are intelligent, too, but they have flippers and couldn’t vote, and humans only know dolphins are smart because we say there.

Therefore, you have to trust the people.

She wrapped up one of the more unusual acceptance speeches on any awards show by hitting a serious note: “Thank you all very much. I love you.”

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