Even Kanye West’s haters can stand up and cheer for his comments on family and celebrity YouTube/Screenshot

During a recent sit down with reporter Lou Stoppard for SHOWstudio, rapper Kanye West showed a side of himself rarely seen when asked about pressures of raising kids in the public eye.

“Any situation you’re in you’re going to worry about raising kids,” West said, before telling Stoppard that the gravity of his problems compared to others is not lost on him.

“It’s champagne problems…there are people who can’t feed their kids.”

According to West he is done complaining to the press about his life, noting that others have far worse problems to face.

“I’m not going to sit here and complain about the so-called issues I have,” West told Stoppard.

“These aren’t real issues.”

Before moving on to the next topic in the sprawling two-hour long interview, West brought up the recent refugee crisis in Europe and clarified that what he was talking about didn’t matter.

“There are people trying to make it to London right now. It’s really fucking serious.”

“You guys talk to me about some celeb shit, that’s not real shit…you know what? I’m alive, I’m breathing.”

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