Every tattoo has a meaning and this singer just shared the touching meanings behind all of his YouTube/GQ

Justin Bieber has a ton of tattoos and each one has a very special meaning.

In a revealing interview with GQ Magazine, he shared some of those meanings. He has a few tattoos in honor of his mother, including her birth date and her eye. He also has a matching tattoo with his father.

Bieber has a “G” tattooed on his left arm and the reason behind it is so sweet! “It’s for my boy. His daughter’s name is Georgia, she has a brain condition so I got it for him,” he said.

He has a tattoo for a certain ex-girlfriend that he “tried to cover up with some shading.” But, he admitted that “people still know [who she is].”

Bieber has no plans of getting any lower back tattoos. But his current favorite is his new tattoo. The angel wings on his neck.

Who would have ever guess Bieber was so deep?

Nicole is a content editor with Rare. 
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