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YouTube/Movieclips Classic Trailers

Every Hollywood actress works for that silver screen immortalization. Goldie Hawn isn’t unlike the rest. In a career that spans for decades and, impressively, in multiple film genres, she’s reminded us in hit after hit just why we love her.

10. Seems Like Old Times

This comedy paired Goldie alongside Chevy Chase and Charles Grodin and was directed by Jay Sandrich. She plays the wife of the latter, who the district attorney. Her ex-husband, Nick, (Chase)is a struggling writer who is forced to help some criminals commit a bank robbery. Despite the awkward situation, they could all end up in when Nick comes to her for help, Goldie can’t turn him away.

9. Housesitter

Classic Goldie Hawn as a con artist. This time she’s a waitress in Boston. When Steve Martin’s character comes to her job and spills his guts about a beautiful home he built for his girlfriend, Gwen (Hawn) just has to see it. And live in it. She finds the house, moves in and has Martin’s family and friends convinced that she’s the wife and that she belongs there.

8. Everyone Says I Love You

The Woody Allen romantic musical featuring actors that weren’t singers. A bold move shot in gorgeous locales including Paris, New York, and Venice. A star-studded cast including Julia Roberts, Ed Norton, Natalie Portman, Hawn, and of course, Allen himself takes viewers, via song, though a chaotic family affair of falling in and out of love. Goldie stars as the mom, divorced from Allen, whose daughter falls for the new man she’s brought around to make an upstanding member of society.

7.  Private Benjamin

Conned into joining the military after her husband dies on their wedding night, Goldie Hawn as a high-class Jewish American Princess, Judy Benjamin becomes Private Benjamin. Forced to work and go through basic training, Hawn as Private Benjamin’s life takes on an entirely new look. Lorna Patterson played her role in the ’80s spinoff TV show of the same name.

6. Wildcats

Wildcats is the story of a young girl with a dream. Goldie Hawn’s 1986 performance as the daughter of a football coach who wants to coach her team someday, Molly McGrath. She gets her chance and is tested by them and everyone else. She never wavers in her enthusiasm and belief in them, and when it comes time for the biggest game of the season, she’s got them inspired.

5. The Sugarland Express

A young Steven Spielberg, fresh off the TV circuit and looking to do something big, directed this 1974 gem. In this crime drama, Goldie Hawn and William Atherton are husband and wife hellbent on saving their son from the foster system. They do everything it takes, in a Bonnie and Clyde manner, from kidnapping to chasing the cops.


4. Foul Play

This film brought Hawn her fifth Golden Globe nomination. The hit saw her next to Chevy Chase and their chemistry can’t be ignored. Hawn’s character is innocent but gets dragged into an assassination plot against the Pope. The movie was underappreciated, but the people went for Goldie, and that’s what made it a box office hit.

3.  The First Wives Club

Working with names like Diane Keaton and Bette Midler, Hawn made another box office hit with The First Wives Club. leading a group of women plotting revenge against ex-husbands who left them for younger women, Hawn play Elise Eliot-Atchinson, a washed-up Oscar winner fighting against her husband who’s out to take all she’s become.

2. Cactus Flower

Cactus Flower was Hawn’s first major film. From it, she won the Golden Globe and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Toni. Toni is in love with Walter Matthau’s character, Dr. Julian Winston. He keeps telling he can’t marry her due to a wife and kids. When he changes his mind, he needs a fake wife (Ingrid Bergman) to divorce before he can marry Toni. A year after her Disney musical performance, The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Ban with Kurt Russell, she lands one of her first major roles and it spelled some of her best work.

1. Shampoo

A year after The Sugarland Express, Hawn and Warren Beatty star in  Shampoo, a comedy. Jill (Hawn) is the girlfriend of a hairdresser in Beverly Hills (Beatty) who is hot and in demand. The problem is, the women he’s working for want him for more than just a shampoo. Jill is heartbroken, even though she knew what she was getting involved in. Shampoo brought Hawn her third Golden Globe nomination and one of her most emotionally charged performances.

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