In a 2009 appearance on “Sesame Street” actor Adam Sandler brought out his guitar for a joyous union that both kids and adults could enjoy.

The clip finds Sandler singing along with Elmo, in a quest to find a word that rhymes with the furry figure’s first name.

Many of Sandler’s hardcore fans, who would have begun watching the actor on “Saturday Night Live” throughout the first half of the 1990s, now have young children of their own, and may be able to tolerate Elmo a little more when joined by Sandler.

“This is a song about Elmo, who likes to play and yellmo,”Sandler sings.

“At night he takes a bubble bath, just so he won’t smellmo,” Elmo chimes in.

The silly song is sure to make little kids laugh, and may just put a smile on an adult’s face as well.

Douglas Barclay is a Senior Editor at Rare. Follow him on Twitter @douglabarclay17
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