During a particularly boozy airplane ride in 2010, comedian Louis C.K. unloaded on former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin in a series of profane tweets.

Following the tweets, conservative pundits like Greta Van Susteren complained that C.K. was hosting that year’s White House Correspondents Dinner, and C.K. promptly removed his name from the event.

Five years later, in a Wednesday appearance with Howard Stern, C.K. opened up about the tweets, saying that he’d finally had a chance to apologize to Palin earlier this year.

C.K. explained that Palin approached him at the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special, perhaps not knowing who he was.

“‘Hey, I think you’re terrific. I think you’re really funny and my nephew told me I have to say hi to you and you’re the one guy I have to meet,’” Palin said to him, according to C.K.

“Something came over me emotionally and I said, ‘Well, I owe you an apology,'” C.K. said.

C.K. then explained to Palin that he had not been kind to her.

“Well, you’re a vile person,” Palin said.

“‘Yeah, I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings and I’m sorry,’” C.K. responded.

After getting the awkward moment out of the way, Palin invited C.K. to go fishing the next time he was in Alaska.

Here’s how Louis CK finally apologized to Sarah Palin after years of abuse

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