Hey! Hey! Michael Bay! How many memories did you kill today?

Nickelodeon’s long publicity campaign for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie started this week with the release of the first official trailer:

This advance look at the movie, due in theaters August 8, received a warm reception from Rare contributor Brandon Morse. Despite “a few reservations,” he could not describe his reaction “as anything short of giddy.” It brought him back to his childhood, just like that.

Many, many other Ninja Turtles fans have been critical, however. Much of that criticism is aimed at the movie’s producer Michael Bay, the man behind the successful but schlocky Transformers movie franchise.

Here are my favorite Tweets against the new Turtles trailer. More can be found at #TMNT:

Actually Bay is producing, not directing, but… close enough!

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