Hours after her father’s death, Vanessa Hudgens braved her emotions and gave the performance of her life Fox/Screenshot
Vanessa Hudgens in Grease on Fox

Shortly before the airing of FOX’s “Grease: Live” stage production Sunday night, actress Vanessa Hudgens found out that her father had succumbed to his battle with cancer.

Despite the tragic news, Hudgens reassured her fans that the show would go on, and proceeded to wow the audience of FOX’s live production.

“Tonight, I do the show in his honor,” Hudgens wrote.

Hudgens appeared as Rizzo, the edgy ying to the yang of  Julianne Hough’s wholesome character, Sandy.

As leader of the Pink Ladies, Hudgens spends most of her time as Rizzo proclaiming how tough she is, and shielding any semblance of emotion.

During act two, Hudgens truly had her moment to shine while performing Rizzo’s solo song, “There Are Worse Things I Can Do.”

Not only did she nail the song, she did so with an added bit of emotion that resonated with all who knew of the pain she was feeling.

Vanesa Hudgens as Rizzo in Grease
Vanesa Hudgens as Rizzo in Grease

“Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda summarized the audience’s reaction on Twitter, by tweeting out to his followers a show of support for Hudgens.

“Imagine you had Vanessa Hudgens’ day, and doing that,” Miranda wrote.

“What a superhero. In total awe.”

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