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John Wayne starred in countless films and was branded as the original cowboy. His personal life included a large family consisting of seven kids and three wives over his lifetime. He married Josephine Alicia Saenze in 1933, but they divorced after having four children together. With his third wife, Pilar, he had the youngest three children with. They are all grown and have families fo their own now. Here’s a who’s who to John Wayne’s family.


John Wayne, or “The Duke” as some called him was the father of seven kids, three sons, and four daughters.

His first son, Michael Wayne was born on November 23, 1934. He was a production assistant on The Quiet Man and worked on his father’s production company, Batjac Productions. He also produced many films his father acted in including, Cahill, U.S. Marshal, McLintock!,  The Alamo, and The Green Berets. He died on April 2, 2003.

Mary Antonia “Toni” Wayne LaCava was born in February 1936. like many children of famous actors and actresses She also appeared in The Quiet Man and the Alamo. She married Donald La Cava, and lived the rest of her life out of the spotlight.


Patrick Wayne was born on July 15, 1939, and is the second son of John Wayne. Born Patrick John Morrison, he has also had quite an acting career, like his father. He appeared in Mister Roberts and The Searchers with his father. He expanded into Scifi with films like Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger and The People That Time Forgot.

Melinda Wayne Munoz is the second daughter who also appeared in many fo the star’s films as a child. However, she now lives in the Orange County area in California. She is carried to Gregory Robert Munoz and they have five children together, although they divorced in 1985.

Aissa Wayne is an attorney but did appear in a few films when she was younger. She is a criminal prosecutor in Los Angeles, California.

John Ethan Wayne also appeared in his father’s movies. You can see him in The Alamo: 13 Days to Glory, the Adam-12 television series, and The Bold and the Beautiful. The acts are also the director of the John Wayne Enterprises and John Wayne Cancer Foundation, founded after Wayne passed from stomach cancer.


Marisa Wayne, the youngest of the Wayne children was born to the star and his third life Pilar Pallette Wayne. She was born in Burbank California in 1966 and had a few appearances in his father’s films, like most of her siblings. She, however, is not an actress. she is married and a mother of two.

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