Sir Tom Jones misses his wife, Lady Melinda Rose Woodward.

In his first appearance since her death, Jones broke down talking about his late wife onstage at the Hay Festival, a literary event. He revealed that he learned of his wife’s cancer diagnosis while he was on tour in the Far East.

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“I was in the Philippines; that was when I got the call that it was terminal. I had to stop. So I flew back to Los Angeles, and she had a week left, in the hospital,” Jones said.

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Jones married Woodward when they were just 16 years old and admitted that he feels “very lucky to have fallen in love at an early age.”

“We were teenagers. We fell in love, not just in lust. A lot of teenagers fall in lust, and then it doesn’t last,” he said, reports The Telegraph. “But we knew this thing was forever, for as long as we would be alive. That’s how strong the marriage was.”

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In his first appearance since her death, Tom Jones broke down in tears talking about his late wife Getty Images
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