Is this “Hallelujah” one of the best Christmas songs ever?

You’ll probably recognize the tune of this song, but not the words. The story, however, is about as old as they come.

Music Times calls the New York-based, Nashville-produced rock group Cloverton’s rewrite of Leonard Cohen’s “Hellelujah” “a truly moving cover.”

Writer Shawn Christ explains that the band takes Cohen’s “iconic melody and infuse it with lyrics chronicling the birth of Jesus Christ.”

The result? “Regardless of your religious orientation, this song hits an emotional chord as vocalist Lance Stafford gives it his all.”

Plenty of musical heavyweights have covered “Hallelujah,” from Jeff Buckley to Rufus Wainright to Willy Nelson. Cloverton transforms it utterly.

From the first note in this video, the band holds the attention of a bustling cafe. People stop to listen to an old story married to an old tune, sung with style and passion.

It’s a “must listen” this Christmas season.

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