Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton has declared Tuesday to be “Prince Day” in Minnesota to mark what would have been the music icon’s 58th birthday.

The governor’s proclamation, issued Monday, is encouraging people to wear purple and to remember the superstar’s contributions to music and the entertainment industry.

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Celebrities and fans alike are flooding to participate and to wish the star a happy birthday.

But Prince, a practicing Jehovah’s Witness, wouldn’t have celebrated with everyone else — the religion’s congregates don’t celebrate birthdays.

So as Spike Lee was throwing a huge dance party in honor of the star’s birthday on Saturday, Prince probably would have declined the invitation.

Prince died April 21 from an accidental overdose of the narcotic painkiller fentanyl.

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Here’s a clip of Prince talking about is faith:

June 7 has been declared “Prince Day,” but here’s why the music legend would have had a problem with that AP
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