In a remembrance in the “New York Daily News,” TV personality Kathie Lee Gifford shared a story about her late husband Frank Gifford that shows the type of man he was.

Gifford passed away suddenly earlier in the month at age 84, leaving behind Kathie Lee and his five children.

According to Gifford, her husband had a big heart and was ready to spread it around whenever given the chance.

“Frank got a full scholarship to USC as a football player and was so grateful for his opportunities that came his way because he went to college,” Gifford noted.

She reminded the paper that her husband was the first person in his family to ever graduate from high school and go to college. She said it was important for him to go school, despite the thoughts of his family.

“There was an attitude in his family: ‘Real men go into the oil fields. They don’t play some sissy game,'” Gifford said.

“But he did so well and he was so grateful for it that years later, he paid back all of his scholarship money to USC so other kids could then benefit. He always felt that he had a tremendous responsibility to other people because of the blessings he had. I have to say, he was also a riot,” she said.

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