The floodgates broke wide open during Thursday’s edition of Fox News’ “The Five” when Meghan McCain went berserk on Juan Williams over his dismay of the House’s passage of its controversial health care bill.

To little surprise, the four right-leaning Fox News hosts on the show mostly praised the bill, while Williams, the voice of opposition, was continually shut down as he tried to argue that the bill is nothing more than “a fraud” that allowed desperate Republicans to pat themselves on the back.

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As Williams called the bill a fraud a second time and ticked off reasons why the bill will hurt a variety of Americans, McCain jumped in, saying, “How dare you,” before continuing:

“I want you to go to Arizona and say this. I want Juan to go to Arizona and talk to people I know who are paying more than their mortgage for Obamacare premiums. It’s a disaster! Why are you freaking out so much if nothing happened? If this isn’t a big deal, why are you freaking out? You’re freaking out!”

Williams then remarked, “This is a lie,” but he was unable to get another word in over McCain.

The other three panel members on the show were then shown barely able to contain their laughter as McCain shouted down Williams, who tried to continue his argument, but couldn’t get more than two words in at a time.

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Finally, the silliness ended, and everyone took a deep breath.

Kimberly Guilfoyle got in the last word: “Let me tell you something: Don’t mess with McCain.”

Of the course, the health care fight isn’t over. While the Republican members of the House held an unusual celebration with President Trump at the Rose Garden, it still faces a difficult path to pass the Senate.

Meghan McCain went berserk on Juan Williams as health care debate floodgates opened Fox/screenshot

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