Minnesota police are pushing back against reports that Prince was found with these drugs when he died AP

Reports from several news outlets, including CNN and the Minneapolis Star Tribune, claimed this week that Percocet was found in the home of rock singer Prince following his Thursday death. Several outlets also claimed that local police sources had confirmed the evidence of drugs and that authorities were asking for help from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.

“Authorities investigating the death of music legend Prince found prescription opioid medication on his person and in his Minnesota home, a law enforcement official told CNN on Wednesday,” CNN reported.

Almost as soon as those reports began to circulate, the police investigating Prince’s sudden death pushed back.

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“We have not asked them for help, or asked them to be a part of the investigation,” Carver County Deputy Sheriff Jason Kamerud said.

“We might contact them to help us, but that hasn’t happened. We don’t have the medical examiner’s report yet. We don’t know to what extent pharmaceuticals could be a part of this.”

Investigators have reminded many outlets that the full details on Prince’s death won’t be available for several weeks.

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