Remember When Princess Diana Broke Royal Protocol to Run in a Mother’s Day School Race? via Associated Press
via Associated Press

Check out Princess Diana breaking royal protocol again in this old 1991 resurfaced video. The late princess is known for her “radical and rebellious” personality, always doing things that weren’t necessarily deemed duties for a princess of wales.

Princess Diana participated in a Mother’s Day school race at Prince Harry‘s school (Wetherby School) for his annual sports day. In the video, she’s caught leaving other mothers in the dust in the sports day race, crossing the finish line with as much grace as a princess could. Although she only won second place, there’s something incredibly refreshing in watching how Princess Diana competes, running barefoot with a big smile.

Along with the sports day race, Prince Harry also participated in a potato sack race, joining the festivities with his mother. This video isn’t the first time Princess Diana did something out of the norm for the royal family, prioritizing raising her children, Prince William and Prince Harry. She was known to do more to be more involved in her children’s lives, aside from just being the people’s princess.

This was different than how the Queen and Prince Philip participated in their children’s lives. It’s understood the kind of actual involvement the royal family tends to have in raising their children. Governing a country is no easy task to balance while doing so, and it’s only fair to understand the royal families’ loyalty to their duties and responsibilities.

However, Princess Diana never hesitated or had a problem breaking those norms and protocols. She set quite the example in how she prioritized her family, which may have gotten some understandable hate at the time, but is endearing to look back on. ?Most importantly, being a mother and a wife. That?s what I try to achieve; whether I do is another thing, but I do try.?


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