Throughout his life, comedian Robin Williams worked tirelessly to help homeless men and women around the United States and to keep troops smiling overseas.

Williams went on numerous USO visits to the Middle East to perform for men and women in uniform during the height of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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During one memorable exchange recounted in a 2014 article in Rare after his death, Williams was in the midst of doing his comedy when the sound of the trumpet burst into his set and caused everyone to stand at at attention.

Williams was reacting to the morning and evening colors, and yelled out, “Uh oh,” as soon as he heard the music go off.

Though he appeared a little started at first, Williams quickly realized what was going on and stood at attention along with the rest of the soldiers. Once the trumpet sound ended, the troops let out a loud cheer and Williams uttered a phrase that everyone was no doubt thinking.

“I’m not gonna forget that.”

Sadly, less then a decade after this incident, Robin Williams passed away.

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