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Have you heard about the time that Steve Martin posed for an adult magazine? Not a sentence you thought you’d read today, I’m sure. Well, it’s true! Almost notoriously, Playboy is known as entertainment for boys/ men. And aside from few others such as Bruno Mars, Leslie Nielsen, Gene Simmons, to name a few, men are who the magazine is for. Not what it’s about. But hey, from time to time, they get their shot. Not without the help of the ladies, though, to make them look good. (If you’re curious as to what other celebrities have also posed for Playboy, take a look by clicking here; the rights are reserved to Playboy Magazine.)

In 1980, the Vol. 27 of Playboy Magazine January cover featured stand up comedian Steve Martin kicking off the New Year. And what a cover! The title for that month? “Wild and Crazy.” Which is about how the cover feels, although little is actually happening in the cover photo. Instead, we have two model-esque girls with relatively “new years” leaning bikini outfits, and “Happy New Year” tiaras. They’re celebrating, flirty, and each clutching the newest receiver or the playboy interview, Steve Martin. Martin, in perfect synchronicity with his comedic nature, holds out a glass of champagne to you reader, with a goopy, toothless grin on his face, donned in only a white bowtie, tuxedo jacket, and a literal diaper like he is the new year’s cherubim himself.


The rest of the cover advertises NFL Cheerleaders, a San Francisco hot take on what they were probably still referring to as the “gay agenda” at the time, and the Playmate of the month, Geraldine “gig angle” inside the issues three hundred off pages.

If you are like one of the few guys I saw searching for this and leaving comments on Amazon like, “Got this for my friend’s birthday. Sure he’ll appreciate it and get the joke..” or just really have a thing for Steve Martin and have to have it, then you’re in luck. The Playboy Magazine January 1980 issue seems to be in abundant supply in back issues and can be found online from many retailers from eBay, Amazon, and Goodreads. But, now the question remains, can we unsee the Steve Martin in that diaper?

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