The 10 worst fast food fails of all time

Sometimes nothing hits the spot better than a fast food burger and fries. And sometimes the companies behind those burgers and fries miss the spot entirely, coming up with products that are offensive, poisonous, or worst of all — slow.

Here are our ten worst fast-food failures.

Burger King - Omelette Sandwich copy

1. Living up to its name

Restaurant: Burger King

Food: Enormous Omelet Sandwich

Calories: 730

Crumbs: This breakfast meal brick was introduced in 2005 — eggs, cheese, bacon and sausage on a roll. (Ham was an additional option). Discontinued within the year in the United States, this 730-calorie monster is still seen overseas.

McDonald's - McAfrica copy

2. Public relations fail

Restaurant: McDonald’s

Food: McAfrica

Calories: 560*

Crumbs: McDonald’s could easily fill a top ten alone with their questionable choices, but this is one of the lower lowlights. It was introduced in Norway in 2002 as an Olympic Games-related product. With thousands dying from starvation in South Africa, this burger with beef, vegetables, cheese and “exotic African sauce” drew a lot of criticism before finally disappearing.

Subway Sandwich copy

3. Shoe rubber sandwiches

Restaurant: Subway

Food: Sandwich bread

Calories: 200-250

Crumbs: In February 2014, Subway announced they were removing azodicarbonamide — which is found in shoe rubber and yoga mats — from their bread. The chemical forms two other chemicals when baked, which have been linked to cancer in animal studies. I thought this tasted a little chewy …

Pizza Hut - Hot Dog stuffed crust.jpeg copy

4. Extra-extra meat special

Restaurant: Pizza Hut

Food: Hot-dog stuffed crust pizza

Calories: 265 for the slice, 170 for the hot dog.

Crumbs: Pizza Hut released this meat-filled monster in the United Kingdom in 2012. So far, it has made its way to Canada and China, but it hasn’t dribbled its mustard drizzle onto American shores yet.

Pizza Hut - Priazzo

5. Time waits for no one

Restaurant: Pizza Hut

Food: Priazzo pizza

Calories: 565 per slice*

Crumbs: Rolled out in 1985 as a deep-dish specialty, the Priazzo pie was predicted to bring in a huge return for Pizza Hut. However, they forgot one of the essential values of fast food — that it is fast. It took too long to make, and was eventually pulled from the market.

BK Burger Buddies

6. Bigger better buddies

Restaurant: Burger King

Food: Burger Buddies

Calories: 220

Crumbs: Burger King got into the slider craze in the 1980s, following White Castle and Krystal with their own “Burger Buddies.” While the burgers have occasionally reappeared in new branding, such as the Burger Shot, the mini-patties were initially too small for the broilers. They would slip down through the grill and … well, their fate is as yet unknown.

McDonalds - McSpaghetti copy

7. Stay in your lane

Restaurant: McDonald’s

Food: McSpaghetti

Calories: 270

Crumbs: There aren’t many things that McDonald’s hasn’t tried to slap an “Mc” on and market it as their own – the McLean seaweed burger comes to mind. In the late 1980s, they started getting into Italian food, with a selection of lasagna, pizza and the aforementioned McSpaghetti. It was a limp noodle of a product, but it is still available in some locations internationally.

Friendly's - Grilled Cheese Melt copy

8. All the cheese. All of it.

Restaurant: Friendly’s

Food: Grilled cheese burger

Calories: 1,500

Crumbs: One grilled cheese sandwich on the bottom, one burger patty in the middle, and a second grilled cheese sandwich on top. After people found their arteries hardening during meals when it was introduced in 2010, the sandwiches were pulled after a brief tour of duty.

Taco Bell - Bell beefer copy

9. The Bell (Burger) rings for no one

Restaurant: Taco Bell

Food: Bell Beefer

Calories: 400

Crumbs: Before they urged people to think outside the bun, Taco Bell was deep inside the bun with the Bell Beefer — taco meat on a hamburger bun that bore a stunning resemblance to a sloppy joe. It was featured from the mid-1970s until the mid-1990s, when it was phased out. It still has a loyal fandom, though, with more than 2,000 likes on a “Bring back the Bell Beefer” Facebook page.

McDonald's - McDLT copy

10. This tastes like …

Restaurant: McDonald’s

Food: McDLT

Calories: 604

Crumbs: One of McDonald’s many contributions to fast food was the McDLT. They introduced it in 1984 as a sandwich that “kept the hot side hot and the cool side cool”, thanks to the double-sided container. However, the large container was made of Styrofoam, which raised enough environmental concerns to withdraw the product shortly after.

*Calorie counts are estimated or based on similar foods in some cases.

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