The man who called 911 in order to save Prince’s life might now face some serious legal trouble

Andrew Kornfeld, the pre-med student who called 911 when Prince was found unconscious in his home, might be facing criminal charges for his involvement.

Kornfeld was at Paisley Park the day Prince died and the Carver County Sheriff’s deputies are now investigating why he was at the home after finding something suspicious in his backpack.

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Kornfeld is not yet a licensed physician but, his father, Dr. Howard Kornfeld, runs Recovery Without Walls, an addiction recovery center — the same addiction center that was hired by Prince’s team to help him recover from his prescription drug addiction.

The day of Prince’s death, Kornfeld was sent on his father’s behalf with a starter dose of Suboxone. The drug  contains buprenorphine, which is used to treat opiate addiction and is considered a controlled substance in Minnesota.

The dosage of Suboxone is the reason Kornfeld is currently under investigation. He did not have a prescription for it, he is not a licensed physician and he carried it across state lines. All big no-no’s.

According to the Minnesota Star Tribune, Kornfel brought the substance from California to Minnesota on April 20. His attorney claims he never intended to give Prince the drugs and was bringing the dosage to a local doctor who was meeting with the late singer on April 21, the day he died.

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His attorney believes his client will be safe from any legal action because of a state law that shields people seeking medical attention for someone who is overdosing on drugs. But, another attorney speculated that Kornfeld may not be protected by the Good Samaritan Law because he had the prescription in hand before Prince overdosed.

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