On Monday afternoon, comedy news outlet “The Onion,” posted an Instagram of a hilarious fake story that joked about people’s obsession with Prince.

In real life news, Prince’s music vault, which is rumored to contain decades worth of unreleased recordings, was cracked open. The Onion found this to be the perfect time to make a joke.

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According to The Onion, the vault actually contained nothing more than 37,000 hours of Prince covers.

“’Prince was constantly creating throughout his career, and after finally accessing his vast trove of previously unheard music, we now know that he produced over 40,000 albums’ worth of material that is, unfortunately, made up entirely of songs originally recorded by Billy Joel,’ said attorney L. Londell McMillan, reluctantly admitting that Prince had produced at least 9,000 hours of ‘Uptown Girl’ covers alone,” The Onion wrote.

The Onion perfectly skewers everyone’s Prince fascination Instagram/Screenshot
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