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After season one of “Chappelle’s Show” took TV by storm in 2003, anticipation was hot for the premiere of season two.

In January 2004, season two premiered to great acclaim, and the first episode included this sketch, “The Racial Draft.”

The sketch shows a fictional racial draft, in which each culture is allowed to pick a public figure to officially be apart of their race.

For example, the black delegation chooses Tiger Woods, whose parents are African-American and Asian.

The sketch plays out like any sports draft, complete with announcers who make corny jokes and offer inept analysis.

Though the sketch is hardly appropriate for many viewers, comedy fans can appreciate the nuance and wit with which Chappelle approaches sensitive topics involving race.

In 2008, King magazine looked back on the sketch and asked the RZA, from the Wu-Tang Clan, about his involvement.

“I remember Dave sending the script through my BlackBerry. Before that, we had already done the ‘Wu-Tang Financial’ skit,” RZA explained.

“When we got to the set, we saw Mos Def dressed up in those crazy fucking clothes and wig. I just knew the shit was going to be stupid. When the Wu-Tang Clan got picked by the Asian delegation, that was just crazy.”

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