Tom Hanks Casually Challenges U.S. Army Sergeant to a Push-Up Contest Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP
Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Walking down the red carpet and smiling for the cameras at the Oscars is so last year. Tom Hanks decided to step it up a notch this year at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards by doing some good ol’ push-ups! Several cameras were able to capture the actor walking down the red carpet to some soldiers and then points down at the red carpet. The Staff Sergeant is first seen looking confused, but moments later catches onto what Hanks was doing.

Turns out, the Forest Gump actor wanted to challenge U.S. Army Sergeant Bryan Hudson to a push-up contest. You know, the usual thing you should do at the Oscars red carpet. So, as expected, a group of soldiers and celebrities were cheering them on. Although I have to admit that the Staff Sergeants form was on point, Hanks, who is married to the talented Rita Wilson, appeared to go head to head with him. Talk about being in good shape!

Tom Hanks Casually Challenges U.S. Army Sergeant to a Push-Up Contest

Unfortunately for us, the cameras quickly cut away to commercials, but hey, what a shot! Leave it to the 63-year-old to do the unthinkable, because well, he was probably bored and wanted a challenge. I mean, considering this man was in a tuxedo and nice dress shoes, he did pretty well.

It’s no secret the actor is known for supporting our military. Let’s not forget he played Forrest Gump and WWII Army Captain Miller in Saving Private Ryan. Hank has also served as an Executive Producer alongside Gary Goetzman and Steven Spielberg in the TV-series The Pacific, which is about World War II. Both him and Wilson were later interviewed by E! where they discussed her upcoming plans to visit the military bases in South Korea.

Tom, The Push-up Expert

Fun fact, did you know the Army Rangers made Hanks an honorary member of the U.S. Army Ranger Hall of Fame for his Saving Private Ryan role? Yes, safe to say the actor has been keeping busy since then. This year, Hanks attended the Oscars after being nominated for a Best Supporting Actor award for his portrayal of Fred Rogers in the beloved movie A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Unfortunately, he didn’t win, but he did win several hearts this year by being his goofy self!


You’re up, Brad Pitt!

Editors Note: This article was originally published on February 11, 2020.

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