Fanny Pack Wine Coolers Exist, and We Already Feel The Summer Hangover Target

Hey you, yes you. Do you like wine? Do you like drinking wine out in public without getting caught? Well, this is the product for you! It’s no doubt that trendy summer accessories are in this year, and this Wine Cooler Fanny Pack should be on the top of your shopping list.

But wait, maybe you’re not a fan of wine? Maybe you like to keep things simple and just drink a beer or two. Well, no worries, because you can also carry your favorite beer can and just pop it in there for later. It’s perfectly designed to be the smallest portable cooler and can fit pretty much anything, keeping it icy cool.

The 13.5 by 4 inches fanny pack is big enough to accommodate that perfect drink portion. Plus, it’s hands-free, so rest assured that you can carry it anywhere, as long as it’s attached to your torso. Forget that tote bag!

As for colors, you can choose from a grapefruit inspired design or a mermaid-like design that you can wear to the beach like the mermaid you’re destined to be. According to the description from Target, the Fanny Pack Cooler from Sun Squad provides “hands-free convenience when on the go” where you can stash “a sandwich and clementines for an outdoor lunch, or a small can of lemonade.” Which, silly Target, as if we are going to use this for snacks.Pfft.


Still, the best part about these mini coolers is that they are so lightweight and only cost $6.00! Yes, I know, only a few bucks more than your morning coffee. Honestly, these are really convenient, I would totally wear it year round.


Need some alcohol at a festival? Use the cooler. Need to hydrate during a 5k? Put a mini water bottle in there and you’re cool. Need a little pick me up at work? Store a Red Bull in there and pull one out when you feel that midday slump. It’s a dream come true.


You can also check out different styles and colors on Amazon, which sell some for $20. There are slightly different, but are pretty great since they fit THREE 12 oz cans or two 16 oz water bottles! So yeah, we all know that three is better than one.

Heck, I’m just gonna buy them both.

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