It was Feb. 3, 2013. The year that “The Harbaugh Bowl” took center stage. The year that a power outage suspended play for over 30 minutes. The year the Ravens beat the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII. That was also the year that Dodge debuted their powerful So God Made a Farmer to an estimated 108 million viewers.

For two minutes, we sat and listened to a poignant speech about hard-working American farmers across the generations. The commercial features a powerful narration by legendary broadcaster Paul Harvey.

“So God Made a Farmer” was the name of a speech Harvey gave at a 1978 Future Farmers of America Convention. The speech was originally published in Harvey’s syndicated column in 1986; however, it contained some phrases Harvey first wrote in an article for the Gadsden Times in 1975.

The message of the speech still rings true still today. It’s one that captivated the nation with passion, value and truth. Football, for those two minutes sat quietly on the sidelines.

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