’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Stephanie Matto is Selling Farts For Money

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Listen, when money starts getting low, you gotta do what you gotta do. So take a page from Stephanie Matto’s book, and make that cash, FAST. Turns out the 90-Day Fiancé star is selling her FARTS for money. Yes, you read that right, FARTS.

The 32-year-old was actually selling the already a few months ago but had to stop selling her “farts in a jar” due to a health scare. But no worries, she’s back in business! The reality star posted a video on social media of herself and other fellow reality star, Tania Maduro. Dressed in Christmas outfits, the two posed with jars, that well, presumably held their farts in them. They both danced quite provocatively in front of a Christmas tree.



“When people think my selling thousand$ fart jar days are over, but I’ve come back with new blended batch,” she wrote while dancing to“Reduce Your Expectations to Zero” by Quiro.

Just last week, the reality star also announced that she was selling fart-filled Christmas ornaments. “You all thought one thousand dabloon fart jars were old news,” she wrote. “But I present to you…Fart filled ChristmASS ornaments just in time for the holidays.”

“Last Christmas I gave you my fart 🎶 🤪,” she stated. “Orders are filling up fast! Want to thank everyone, next up? A special holiday collab with @tania.maduroon on our Unfiltrd collab page 😱🎄 I think this one might put us on the naughty list though… “

Stephanie Matto on Instagram

Back in January of this year, she had realized she was suspending her fart sales due to gas pains so bad she thought she was having a heart attack. She was quickly rushed to the hospital and underwent blood work and an EKG. Doctors had reportedly confirmed that her diet of eating too many beans and eggs was the cause. “I thought I was having a stroke and that these were my final moments,” Matto revealed. “I was overdoing it.”

Believe it or not, she had already been squeezing out over 50 jars worth of farts a week, saying she added protein shakes to make them even more smelly! How much does she make for these jars? Well, according to Matto, she makes a whopping $50,000 a week!

GEESH. Should we star selling our farts online, as well?

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