Amusement Park Employee Fired Over OnlyFans Account After Visitors Kept Recognizing Her

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The choice to have an OnlyFans account is becoming more and more of a personal ultimatum these days. It can be a lucrative side gig, but for those who have day jobs, OnlyFans can quickly become the Only Gig. The latest example is Ilaria Rimoldii, who lost her job at a popular Italian amusement park.

Ilaria Rimoldii, 25, was a fixed-term contract employee at the family amusement park, Gardaland. It features an amusement park, LEGOLAND water park, and aquarium. Ilaria told Corriere Della Sera that she was making about 1,000 euros a month from her work there.

So Ilaria decided to open up an OnlyFans account. She charges $10 a month and quickly gained 300 monthly subscribers. Her following grew when she branched out to TikTok, and by November 1, she was making 5,000 euros a month.

To Be Fair, Ilaria Wore Her Gardaland Amusement Park Uniform on OnlyFans


But the OnlyFans model let her customers’ requests get the best of her. When she was asked to create a sexy video including her Gardaland uniform, she obliged. Ilaria Rimoldi’s fans started recognizing her at work. Although, she said only “5 or 6” knew her from OnlyFans and the rest knew her from TikTok. One thing led to another, and her rising fame, and the video, got back to Gardaland’s management.

Ilaria was asked to attend a meeting with management.

“The personnel director and another manager were in the room,” she told Corriere Della Sera. “Without being rude, they pointed out to me that Gardaland is a facility for families and that those photos don’t match the image of the park. Nonsense speeches…”

She added that she offered to stay with Gardaland if they paid her what she made on OnlyFans, but her offer was denied.

Ilaria Rimoldii was then allowed to make a soft exit. She wasn’t specifically fired or asked to resign. Rather, the park simply refused to renew her contract on November 27. Rimoldii didn’t ask to stay, either, because she makes 5x more on OnlyFans.

This isn’t the only case of people getting let go from their professions. British Metropolitan Police officer Sam Helena resigned from her job after being suspended when her naughty BDSM OnlyFans material was exposed. And Scottish high school physics teacher Kirsty Buchan quit her job after her students found her OF account online.

Let’s just hope that, in a couple of decades when gravity kicks in, OnlyFans becomes a legitimate entry on a résumé.

Sam Amico contributed to this article.

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