Ex-Hooters Girl Accused of Murder, Tells Judge She’ll Pay Her Bond With OnlyFans Money

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Are inmates are allowed to have cell phones? 21-year-old Ashley Esselborn, an ex-Hooters girl and OnlyFans model, was just accused of murder. She thinks she’s going to pay her $50,000 bond with the cash she’s made from her racy OnlyFans account.

The only problem is, Ashley Esselborn isn’t that much of a star. She told a Texas court that she’s raked in over $8,000 so far. That’s nowhere close to her 5-figure bond set by the judge.

1 of 4 Suspects Has Pleaded Guilty to Murder, Is Serving 50 Years Behind Bars

Esselborn is one of four people charged with the murder of 23-year-old Zachary Wood last May. She allegedly stood by and cheered on three young men while they fatally beat Zachary Wood using their feet, fists, and a baseball bat.

The violent group attacked Zachary Wood because they believed he stole drugs and cash from them while he was hosting them at his house in Wichita Falls. The attack occurred at his home.

One of the other three suspects, Ronnie Lang, 18, has pleaded guilty to murder and is serving a 50-year sentence. Payton Collier, 27, remains in jail on a $500,000 bond and William Bell, 28, was released on a $200,000 bond.

Ashley Esselborn has been charged with 1st-degree felony murder as well as being present during the murder. The police described it as “a massive bloodletting event.” She’s already confessed to being present during the fatal assault, and to hiding blood-covered evidence. Collier has admitted that Esselborn was yelling at Wood during the assault, demanding to know where he hid the drugs and money.

The OnlyFans Scheme Seems Farfetched

Esselborn’s bond was originally set to $100,00 but she convinced the judge to halve that. A recent request to reduce her bond yet again has been denied.

Esselborn charges a $12 monthly subscription to follow her on OnlyFans and gain access to her nude photos, according to The Mirror. But she’s going to need to pull some serious strings if she really thinks that her OnlyFans income is going to make any sort of dent in her bail.

Further, as of now, OnlyFans has locked the former Hooters girl’s earnings, although it’s not clear if that’s due to the murder charges.

And I’m pretty sure that inmates can’t get away with owning a cell phone. Nor can they post nude photos to social media.

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