Hooters Bartender Shares Workout Routine to Stay In Shape For 2023 Calendar

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

In the event you’re asked to be on a Hooters calendar, fear not, there’s now a workout just for you. At least, there’s a workout that seemed to do the trick for Grace Burchett, who not only is a Hooters bartender from Florida but the company’s Miss March 2023.

“I’m a big StairMaster girl,” she said, via the New York Post. “We move a lot at work, but the StairMaster has been my go-to workout routine for the last five years. I just get on there and put my headphones on. It’s mindless, but it gives you a great workout. You don’t realize how much you’ve worked out in it until you’re done. If you want to change your routine, you can’t go wrong with it. It’s also better for your joints. And I find it easier for me than running.”

Grace Burchett on Instagram

Burchett attended West Virginia University but moved to Florida for a job at Hooters. The first location was wiped out by Hurricane Ian, so she moved on to the one at Naples.

She eventually was chosen as Miss March for the forever-popular calendar.

“It was so surreal,” she told Fox News Digital about learning she was featured in the 2023 edition. “For a moment, I thought I didn’t make it. But this is so special to me. And it means so much to me because being a face for the company allows me to get more involved with charity events and fundraising. It’s giving me a bigger platform to represent the company and do good, which I’m very proud of.”]

Hooters Calendar

While she’s honored to serve as a calendar girl, Barchett said she also values other opportunities presented to her by the company.

“[Hooters] is always presenting us with opportunities to give back both locally and internationally,” she said. “Last year we did a raffle to support Valarie’s House. And then during our trip to the Bahamas for the photo shoot this year, we brought supplies, like coloring books, school supplies, and feminine hygiene products for Gateway Christian Academy in Bimini. That was special because I want to give back to the community as much as I can.”

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