Influencer Harassed by Man After Refusing to Sit With Him at Pool, Films Entire Incident

Becoming a social media legend comes at a price, as many of those famous online types will tell you. Thai Twitch streamer Justketh learned this the hard way when a man approached her aggressively and asked her to sit with him by a pool. When she took a pass, he seemingly became angry.

Videos by Rare

She was able to capture the whole thing on video, revealing this weirdo’s dark side.

At first, he tells her to shut up because “I’m trying to relax.” She gathered her stuff and called him an idiot, though it’s hard to know if he heard.

But what the video does reveal is that he began to chase and curse at her. She laughs as she runs away. “This is not normal,” she said.

Justketh Attacked By Man

Now, there are a few possibilities here.

One, she was making noise that the man did not appreciate while she put together a stream.

Two, the entire thing was staged for the purposes of entertainment.

But Keth got one thing correct, whatever it is. It truly was not normal. I get that sometimes influencers can go out of their way to get content for their audience, but leave them alone. They are only doing their job and are trying to make a living. It’s their job, you know? Just let them get their viral content and say goodbye. They’ll eventually leave once they get their content.

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