Influencer in Bikini Wipes Out While Snowboarding in Viral Video

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Lots of snow doesn’t necessarily mean having to change out of your summer wear. On the contrary, for some people. Social media influencer Jade Wada proved all this by riding a snowboard down some slopes — while sporting only a bikini.

That part of the video was a success. Her attempt to make it all the way down the hill without wiping out, however, was not.

But that wasn’t so bad. She is clearly no joke on the snowboard.

Jade Wada on Instagram

Wearing sunglasses and a black two-piece, Wada actually made the bikini-in-the-snow bit look easy, gliding over ramps for jumps and pipes.

“We women are just sick of winter, and we get sick of wearing frumpy clothes and being covered from head to toe,” she said, via the New York Post. “It’s a way to reclaim the winter and have fun with it.”

That, without a doubt, is something that Wada was able to do. Can we just talk about the fact that she’s wearing an actual bikini while in freezing weather? I don’t know how these influencers do it, some of them are so brave to do stunts like this.

But I guess when it comes to money, you suck it up and do anything you can! It’s honestly very impressive, not going to lie, it takes a lot of talent. One, you have to learn how to be a badass snowboarder, and two you have to know how to defend your immune system without wearing anything while you’re in freezing. So yeah, let’s call it impressive. 

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