Influencer Requires $3,000 Bodyguard Due to Harassment and ‘Unwanted Advances’

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Videos by Rare

A 37-year-old influencer with jaw-dropping curves says she’s in need of a bodyguard. Monica Huldt, who is Swedish and Polish but now happily married in Arizona, says she’s tired of being hit on. She’s willing to pay someone $3,000 so she can feel safe.

Influencer “Swedish Bella” Has Been Stalked and Almost Kidnapped

Huldt told Daily Star that she goes to the gym at least 5 times a week to keep up her appearance and care for her mental health. But every time she goes, she’s approached by a man and harassed. While she says it can be flattering, it’s gotten to be too much.

“I get hit on at the gym at least once every time I go and I work out at minimum five times a week so it can get a bit draining,” Huldt said. “Once I was looking at my phone one day and this older guy came up to me and said, ‘stop trying to text me, I didn’t bring my phone.’ I replied saying I wasn’t texting him and he then asked if I wanted to.”

Huldt told Daily Star that she once had a stalker who would contact her from different phone numbers. She said he got a hold of her number somehow and would pretend to be different people.

“This guy would text me pretending to be other people, like the lady that does my eyelashes, a photographer and even a doctor,” Huldt said. “It was super creepy, and I had to block all the numbers he would text from. He was just this random man.”

The buxom influencer’s need for a bodyguard isn’t just due to verbal advances. Horrifyingly, a man once tried to pull her into an alley at a train station. She said he grabbed one of her legs as she was heading up the stairs but then people came.

“I shudder at what might have happened if he hadn’t been interrupted,” she said.

Monica Huldt Says Her Husband Is Fine With a Bodyguard

Monica Huldt has over 339,000 followers on her main but private Instagram account @_swedishbella_. Another account, @swedish__bella1 has 27,400 followers but hasn’t been used for over a year and a half. The influencer also used to have over 2 million followers on @swedish_bella before the account was either deactivated or removed. A tagged mention of Huldt from fashion photographer @Moezart shows the model sassily sitting in black lingerie while holding her blonde hair up. She also has an OnlyFans account featuring nude content.

The influencer says her husband, John, is fine with her getting security. She told Daily Star that John isn’t worried about men looking at his wife so much as her safety.

“John is actually pretty proud and always tells me he loves having such a hot wife,” she said. “He is not intimidated at all although he does get worried when I go out by myself in the evening.”

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