Influencer Says She Has to Stop at Gas Stations to Have Sex During Long Trips

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Influencer Shannon Singh isn’t afraid to talk about sex. The former OnlyFans model-turned-Twitch streamer and podcaster has said she needs to do the deed about 8 times a day. That quota doesn’t change when she’s busy, either. Singh will stop at gas stations on long road trips to have sex with her boyfriend.

Shannon Singh Spoke About Sexual Needs and Insecurities

Singh, whose podcast, Hushed, is all about sex and the stigmas behind it, was interviewing Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey when the topic of road sex came up. Dr. Bisbey is a psychologist, intimacy, and sex coach with experience coaching couples to fix their sexual intimacy issues.

Shannon Singh and her famous DJ boyfriend, Ben Sterling, have been dating for a year now. But Singh said that they have such incredible sexual chemistry that he’s always on board when she needs to have a release or intimacy.

“I’m not shy when it comes to my sex life because I require it,” said Singh. “My connection with my partner is getting into bed, getting in the feels and having a great time. People get so shy talking about sex and I’m not like that at all.”

“Me and Ben will have a long drive from London to Scotland and we will stop at the service stations and spark it up,” she continued. “I literally need to keep it alive, and I love it because he’s the same. It’s not to the point that it’s the only intimacy we have, but I know I have a really high sex-drive, so I need it.”

Dr. Bisbey Told Singh That Working on Relationships Can Include Having More Sex Together … And Alone

Other than having sex on the road, Singh and Bisbey also discussed issues like porn.

“Pornography and pornography doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with sexual attraction,” Bisbey explained. “People use porn to deal with anxiety, people use porn to fall asleep at night… Porn isn’t intimacy… What you have to be asking yourself is, ‘Why does my partner not want to be intimate with me?’ Not ‘Why are they watching porn instead of being intimate with me?’ Because they’re not.”

Bisbey added that a lack of intimacy in conjunction with a partner’s porn use is a red flag, though.

Shannon Singh seemed to agree. However, judging by the fact that she and her boyfriend manage to squeeze sex in at random gas stations, there doesn’t seem to be any problem. The main question is how big their car is, really. Is this a front-seat endeavor or a cushy 8-seater SUV?

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