Influencer Says She Went on 6 Dates a Week So She Didn’t Have To Buy Groceries

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

One way to get a free meal is to get asked out on a date and have the other party insist on buying.

One way to get six free meals is to make sure it happens every night — or most nights, anyway.

That is what Vivian Tu said worked for her. And she estimated she saved about $150 a week in groceries. Talk about being a business entrepreneur, am I right?

Tu explained her savings in a video on her TikTok account, @YourRichBFF. “Between 2016-2018 I didn’t buy groceries once,” she said.

Vivian Tu on TikTok

@yourrichbff Between 2016-2018 I didnt buy groceries once. Probably saved about $150 a week. #money #lifehack #finance #dating #nyc ♬ jealous girl lana del rey – h.

Granted, free food isn’t the reason Tu went on the dates, she admitted. But it did end up saving her some serious cash.

“Oh, I can go to a fun tapas restaurant for free, or I can spend my own money on food at the grocery store that I still need to cook. And it’s probably not going to taste as good,” she told Elite Daily. “There’s obviously subconscious thinking that goes into it.”

Tu added that she has always dated to find a partner, and not for the free food. The meals, she insisted, truly are just a bonus. But from the sounds of things, she would trade a slice of pizza for a slice of romance.

“In my opinion, deliberately going on dates for a free meal isn’t a great idea,’ she said. “I am very much in the camp that you’re dating to find love.”

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