Influencer Shamed for Baring Butt at Family Resort: ‘Charge Her’

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

An influencer is being shamed after pulling down her pants and baring her butt for a photo shoot at a family ski resort. Later identified as Playboy model Gloria Vitalina, the woman was spotted standing in the snow with her pants around her thighs as her partner tried to frame the perfect photo. They were at Big Sky in Montana.

The Influencer’s Butt Photoshoot Was Visible From Ski Lift

Meanwhile, someone else filmed the incident and posted it to Influencers in the Wild on Instagram. A Big Sky employee in a green jacket can be seen approaching Vitalina and the photographer, probably to ask them to stop. They were standing by a sign promoting a viewpoint for guests to take photos.

Gloria Vitalina was wearing a thong bodysuit, so she technically wasn’t fully mooning the resort. However, her butt cheeks were on full display. On an overcast day like that one, the moon was pretty bright. And there were surely children everywhere because it’s a ski resort, and that’s how it is.

“My family and I saw this from the lift,” one person commented. “This is top of Swiftcurrent, which is one of the major lifts from the base at Big Sky. There were probably 30-40 people around. She could have chosen from infinity other places at this gigantic resort without little kids around?”

“If that were a guy, they’d get thrown in jail,” wrote another. That comment prompted an entire side discussion about white privilege and whether or not the Playmate should be charged for baring her butt. The primary issue was that families and children were around.

Many Shamed Influencer Culture as a Whole

Others commented on the self-absorption of influencer culture and how people enable it.

“Do you ever think to yourselves, why does the person taking the photos/videos not say to their friends ‘sorry, I can’t let you do this, it’s really cringe’… ” asked one person.

“So over ‘influencers,'” wrote another.

Meanwhile, other people called the influencer’s actions “pedophilic.”

Not everyone had a problem with the photo shoot, though, and said that kids either wouldn’t notice or care or that if it was a man, it would be laughable.

Maybe the moral of the story is to wait until the end of the day when the kids are too cold to ski and ride? Even if you are an influencer with a perfect butt, the entire world doesn’t always want to see it.

Hopefully, she didn’t get frostbite.

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