Influencer Under Fire for Wearing See-Through Bodysuit to Holiday Party

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Showing up to a work Christmas Party in a see-through catsuit… well, it can go a couple of ways. Some people might enjoy it, but a lot of others will wonder what you were thinking.

The first conclusion one might draw is that you thought it was a Halloween party.

But no, says Roan McLean, a popular TikToker. She knew it was a Christmas party all along. And she wore the scandalous catsuit anyway.

“Get ready with me for a holiday party. I’m going to be telling this completely sheer catsuit from Victoria’s Secret,” she said.

At one point, she actually said, “I feel like this (outfit) is just too scandalous, so I’m going to be adding a skirt over it.”

Roan McLean on TikTok

@roanmclean new favorite piece to wear 😍 #balletcore #balletaesthetic #balletcoreoutfit #balletcoreaesthetic #victoriassecret ♬ original sound – Roan McLean

She put on the skirt, however, and quickly changed her mind. “I think I hate this.” After that, she then tried on a body suit underneath the see-through outfit, putting the skirt back on. She said she hated that, too.

“I think I’m just going to be scandalous and take it all off,” she said.

So that is precisely what she did. And Christmas may never be the same, or something.

Needless to say, not everyone who commented on the video was impressed. In fact, most expressed the opposite. A see-through catsuit from Victoria’s Secret had no place at a Christmas party, many of the comments insisted.

One perhaps sums it up best, and fairly diplomatically at that.

“We go to very different holiday parties,” the comment read.

A few others came to her defense. “I’m BAFFLED by these negative comments. I’m sorry….WHAT? She looks literally incredible,” it read. Still, I say let her wear what she wants to wear. It doesn’t affect us, so let’s all just stop judging for one minute. She has to body for it!

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