Influencers Get Backlash After Baby Rides Jet Ski Without Life Jacket

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A pair of influencers are getting major backlash after their baby rode a jet ski without a life jacket. The couple, who hail from Indonesia, are being accused of risking their baby’s life so they can get likes.

Indonesian Influencers Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan Infuriated Fans by Endangering Their Baby on Jet Ski for Likes

Ria Ricis is an Indonesian actress, internet celebrity, and author. She has over 30 million followers on YouTube and 32.8 million followers on Instagram. The influencer often posts content about her baby, Moana, and her husband, Teuku Rushariandi (Teuku Ryan). Ryan has 3.8 million Instagram followers.

The couple is constantly posting content of their family going out on jet skis or in the water teaching their baby how to swim. None of that is very controversial. However, the public noticed a photo cross-posted to Ricis and Teuku’s Instagram accounts showing them holding their tiny baby up in the air while sitting on a jet ski.

“Moana ruler of the seas. Jetski vlog is up,” Ricis wrote in Javanese.

A YouTube video that has already garnered over 1.3 million views showed the family going on a jet skiing excursion with the baby. At first, she had a life vest. But about halfway through, the vest gets removed. Daddy Teuku is driving with one hand and holding their infant in the other arm. Meanwhile, Ricis is holding onto Teuku from behind while taking a selfie video with her other hand.

Neither parent has an available hand to catch the baby if she falls. Further, if she falls, she has no life jacket. This was upsetting to their fans on many levels.

A shorter version of the video was also posted to Instagram.

Expert Says Children on Jet Skis Need Life Vests for Impact Protection In Case of a Fall.

“Any child in or around water who is unable to swim should wear a Coast Guard-approved life vest,” said Stop Drowning Now president Jim Spiers to Today. “If a child falls off the vehicle, the impact of hitting water could potentially injure or kill them.”

While Indonesia may have different rules and regulations for minimum child safety measures in water sporting activities than other countries, Ricis and Ryan’s fans are infuriated at the stunt. Regardless of laws, people in Indonesia were not stoked on Ricis endangering her baby on a jet ski.

“WARNING!!! don’t copy this scene because ‘This scene is only done by those who are thirsty for validation and adsense,’” one person wrote.

“Moana if auto falls, how about that?? Not wearing a safety guard either. For the sake of content, his child is willing to be the victim,” wrote another.

The backlash continued on Instagram and YouTube. Most of what follows has been translated by Google.

“I think your wealth is more than enough to buy the best parenting books or to join a super exclusive parenting class.”

“It’s surprising that people like this have many subscribers.”

“Next time when you have a holiday don’t forget to BRING YOUR BRAIN.”

“Already reacted by many doctors. Still up and NOT TAKEN DOWN. The importance of content.”

“Cieee go international, from his mother’s stupidity until told on foreign news…”

“Cool content bro, take a jet ski in the sea, one hand holding the steering wheel and the other holding a baby without a lifebuoy… Ricis and her husband should participate in the fear factor because fear factor participants only dare to harm themselves, but this one dares to harm children for the sake of content. Good bro.”

“Thank you, Icis, for the experiment… at least with this vlog, we as parents/prospects can know not to ‘imitate’ what Icis does.”

“Waiting for monoa [sic] to ride a roller coaster,” someone commented on a much later Instagram post

Two weeks later, Ricis and Ryan’s jet ski videos are still up showing them endangering baby Moana. It’s not clear if these influencers care about the message they’re sending.

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