Model Says She Loves Sleeping With Married Men at Christmas: ‘I’m a Serial Mistress’

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Videos by Rare

While many women are at home over the holidays, working their butts off to make sure their husbands and children are happy, Gweneth Lee has another plan. The professional mistress will sleep with your man as he buys her presents that are twice as expensive as yours. Happy Holidays!

The Giving Season Means Different Things to Different People

50-year-old Gweneth Lee lives between New York City and London and stays in $1,000-a-night hotel rooms. Her main clientele are wealthy CEOs and married men who meet her on

And Christmas is her favorite time of year. This is because Lee expects to be lavished with the kinds of gifts that her clients withhold from their wives.

The “serial mistress” sees Christmas as “the greatest aphrodisiac.”

“I see my lovers as like Santa Claus,” Lee told the Daily Star. “Christmas is definitely a time for giving, and Christmas is when I am rewarded for a year’s worth of giving pleasure with some lovely gifts.”

Some of those gifts include Tiffany jewelry and designer items from Versace and Chanel.

“They say that men spend twice as much on their mistress as their wife, and that is certainly true for me,” said Lee. Her gifts are often priced around $40,000-$50,000. She sees the Christmas season as the time to replenish her wardrobe.

Serial Mistress Gweneth Lee Sees Her Married Clients Right Before and After Christmas

Lee explains that she gets a lot of work up until December 23rd, and then there is a lull until the 29th. This is because her clients go home to be with their families during Christmas. That week with their families makes men want to leave and cheat as soon as possible. She says, by December 29th,  “they are all going stir crazy after being stuck at home with their wives for almost a week and they are looking for fun again.”

Lee also says that her clients get “kinky” around Christmas, often wanting her to dress up in role-play costumes. Role play can vary from Disney characters to dominatrix.

“I expect to get a proper thrashing at this time of year — or often I am the dominant one handing out the beatings to lovers who have been naughty!” says Lee.

The mistress says that this season is quite busy. This is thanks in part to an increase in Illicit Encounter subscriptions post-Covid lockdowns. This holiday season, she will see 7 different lovers in 4 different countries. Most of her clients are in the UK.

“Christmas is a time for giving, and what I want to give is a really good time to all the men I see,” Lee says.

At least someone is getting their halls decked this year.

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